Selected Short Fiction Online

Glyph Atlas’ @ The Collagist
False testimony of primary cell manufacturer's marketing mouthpiece under duress of witness to his last employer under the old lights of the golden soundstage no one can remember‘ @ Wigleaf
The Endless Harvest’ @ Merry Jane
My last dose of mourning powder’ @ Always Crashing
'Grindland' @ Dark Fucking Wizard
'The Smoke Is Thinning' @ Fluland
'What I Swrong' @ Plinth
'Outline for Novel I Will One Day Be Struck Dead While Reading' @ BOMB
'Death Update' @ Dazed Digital
'Sand' @ Alice Blue Review
'The Cage' @ Necessary Fiction
'Diamond Skull' @ Everyday Genius
'Mold Wall' @ The American Reader
'Us Reaction' @ Tin House
'The Infusions' @ 52 Stories
'From now on all I'll talk about is light' @ Birkensnake
'Hexagon' @ The Center for Fiction
'I Do Love God' @ Guernica
'The Copy Family' @ 52 Stories
'Cake' @ Sleepingfish
'The Disappeared' @ New Ohio Review


Short Fiction in Print

(list forthcoming)



'Doppelgangers' in Raymond Queneau's Exercises In Style: 65th Anniversary Edition (New Directions, 2013)
'Where Walls Would Have' & 'Fire Walk With Me' in In Heaven, Everything Is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch (Lazy Fascist, 2013)
'We Witnessed the Advent of a New Apocalypse During an Episode of Friends' in The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade (Eraserhead Press, 2012)
'What Was There Inside the Child' in Warmed & Bound: A Velvet Anthology (Velvet Press, 2011)