My services are available for hire to writers looking for assistance with completing, revising, or polishing a creative manuscript of any length, at any stage, including individual stories, collections, novellas, novels, essays, memoirs, or other forms of any genre or style. My intent is to help you get to your best work, on the terms you envision, and to see it through to a finished draft. 



My correspondence will include line editing and notes throughout your manuscript, as well as more general, 'big picture' feedback, including consideration of form, structure, voice, etc. 

I will also be available to ongoing discussion about the manuscript via email during the consultation; phone and Skype meetings may also be arranged. Where applicable, I can recommend publishers or publications that I might see as a good fit for your work.

My current base rate for consultation averages at $.026 per word, though I prefer to quote rates based on a look at the work and where it stands. Please inquire below for a custom quote on your particular project.



I am also available for basic copyediting of completed manuscripts in preparation for print, including basic feedback and line notes throughout the manuscript. 

My current base rate for copyediting is $.022 per word. I am happy to provide quotes on complete projects using the form below..


Timelines may vary depending on length and necessity.

Custom rates for special projects or situations will be considered when possible.

To get in touch, please use the following form to provide contact information and a brief summary of your project, including word count. I will be in touch soon thereafter. Thanks for your interest!


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